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How an HR Audit = Success

While an HR Audit may not be one of the more glamorous parts of human resources, it is a key part of creating successful HR functions. A human resources audit provides a snapshot of the current state of HR and a pathway to creating HR policies and procedures that protect and support the business. It allows you to quickly identify and rank those areas of HR that might be a source of trouble for your business if not remedied. An audit covers the HR functions from the start to end of the employment cycle and all the functions in between.

Knowing where your business ranks with regard to compliance is information every business leader needs. Getting that information requires time, resources and expertise. Now might be the time for an HR audit for your business if ... 

You are worried about compliance . .

You may be unaware of potential issues. Rules and regulations are always changing. You want peace of mind that your human resources functions are compliant. Non-compliance costs you and your business time, money, and employees. An HR assessment identifies issues and provides guidance on fixing them.

You are spending too much time in the HR function . . .

You are a business owner or non-HR leader, and you find yourself spending too much time in the weeds of HR because your processes are outdated or non-existent. An HR assessment provides best practice recommendations along with the opportunity to engage with an expert consultant to put plans and processes in place.

Your business is growing . . .

Your business is growing and you need a solid HR foundation to support that growth. Eliminate the chaos that comes with not having policies and procedures. An HR assessment looks at the areas of your business that touch employees, provides feedback on your current state, and makes recommendations to help you build an HR foundation that will grow with you.

The People First HR Approach

People First HR provides a quick and complete audit with a scorecard showing you exactly where your HR functions need immediate attention. Our experienced consultant walks you through each part of the audit and discusses the areas your business is executing well and opportunities to improve compliance or create best practices.

Here is what success looked like for one client

They were in growth mode and their existing human resources arrangemen

t was no longer working for them. Sound familiar?

The client came to us lacking key elements: time, expertise, and systems. We jumped in to help right away, and within 30 days People First HR conducted a thorough HR audit and presented a pathway to HR success that would result in airtight compliance and repeatable HR processes. Seeing the value of our work, we began a remedy plan with our client to resolve the more immediate compliance issues within 90 days.

Today, they enjoy an affordable and comprehensive human capital management system that has automated many processes, freed up the owner to focus on business growth and supplied an HR expert to handle annual benefit renewal, on/off boarding, payroll and employee relations.

Amanda Gleason is President of People First HR and a talented human resources consultant with 20 years of experience working with businesses to build their HR functions. She uses her experience and expertise to analyze current human resources practices, provide a report, and recommended best practices that will strengthen your HR practices.

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