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I started my career working in corporate positions where I grew and learned from a few great managers, but I reached a point where I felt out of place. At the same time, I knew I wanted to have my own business. I wasn’t sure what that was going to be, but I started making small moves in that direction.

I considered and tried a few things along the way, but realized that wasn’t “it”.  I eventually decided I wanted to be in HR, so I started pursuing a degree and also landed my first HR job.


I was in love! I thought I had arrived (although you never really arrive, right?).


Life is a progression. And so is business.


After 12 years in staff and leadership roles and I was ready. I wanted to provide solutions to business owners who didn't have access to HR expertise, but could use knowledgeable support.


I started thinking about the valuable experiences I had collected. I was sure that my HR expertise would be valuable in some capacity as a consultant.


I finished my master’s degree and purposefully moved out of leadership to a staff HR position. I was feeling restless and ready to make a significant change in my career, but it was scary and honestly a little overwhelming. Leaving the safety and security of a salaried and benefited position for the unknown world of being a business owner was daunting.


I researched and tested the waters, started small. I created a business name, updated my LinkedIn profile, and  began making connections.  


Soon I was having introductory meetings while forming the framework of my business. I took on small HR projects on the side as I started training my replacement in my corporate position. 


And then the break came. 

I landed two contracts right away. I began working with an organization as their HR resource and also with another to conduct an HR audit, rebuild their HR functions and restore their reputation.


It was a divine appointment that I could not ignore.


I realized that there is a definite need for skilled human resources professionals who know what they are doing—like me. Although money was never the main the driver,  it was necessary that I be able to support my family and for the projects to pay well.


The big win for me has been to step out of my corporate shell, be my authentic self, and use all the experience I have to help businesses stand up their HR functions compliantly and with integrity in their people operations through fair policy and practices. 

I found my sweet spot in business, and I've been running full steam ahead since then.


Additional details about Amanda Gleason's Background:


President of People First HR in Indianapolis, Indiana,  Amanda has worked with organizations ranging in size from 20 to 400+ by assessing their HR functions to identify risks and develop solutions to quickly reduce risk and increase process efficiencies. Her ability to  align human resources functions with business operations has positioned her as a trusted advisor.

Her industry experience includes healthcare, manufacturing, software technology, nonprofit and financial services. Amanda’s professional credentials include a Master of Science degree in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University, a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and a Certified Professional in Human Resources (SHRM-CP).  She is also a Youth Mentor with the Youth Mentoring Initiative and board member of Arise Together. 


Let's talk about your HR needs!

We are here to help you be successful. 

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